Covid-19 Update 15th June 2020: Our Headington shop is now open for collections. We are currently allowing a maximum of 4 people in at one time, with a 2m distance within the shop. You can now order online for collection. Our Jericho shop remains shut for now. Our opening times are 10am-5pm, Mon-Sat for the time being. You can still request delivery. Hope to see you soon!



 Grim Girl
In Stock Grim Girl £50.00
Empty Eyes Haunted Dolls
In StockEmpty Eyes Haunted Dolls£18.00
Wig - Creepy Clown Blue
In StockWig - Creepy Clown Blue£10.95
Wig - Creepy Clown Red
In StockWig - Creepy Clown Red£10.95
 Hanging Reaper
In Stock Hanging Reaper£45.00
 Little Sweet Vengeance
In Stock Little Sweet Vengeance£50.00
 Mr Giggles Haunted Doll
In Stock Mr Giggles Haunted Doll£18.00
Adult  Broken Doll Costume
In StockAdult Broken Doll Costume£35.00
Adult Deluxe Velvet Cape
Out of StockAdult Deluxe Velvet Cape£18.95
Adult Devil Fairy
In StockAdult Devil Fairy£25.00
Adult Hooded Brown Robe
Out of StockAdult Hooded Brown Robe£16.95
Adult Hooded Cape Black
Out of StockAdult Hooded Cape Black£11.95
Adult Hooded Cape Red
Out of StockAdult Hooded Cape Red£11.95
Adult Morphsuit Zalgo
In StockAdult Morphsuit Zalgo£42.00
Adult Nun Costume
Out of StockAdult Nun Costume£12.95
Adult Priest Costume
Out of StockAdult Priest Costume£18.00
Adult Raven Lady Dress
In StockAdult Raven Lady Dress£22.00
Adult Vampire Bat Wings
In StockAdult Vampire Bat Wings£14.00
Black Angel Wings Large
In StockBlack Angel Wings Large£36.00
Black Angel Wings Small
Out of StockBlack Angel Wings Small£12.00
Black Cat Ears
Out of StockBlack Cat Ears£3.50
Blood Splatter Socks
In StockBlood Splatter Socks£4.50
Bloody Brain headpiece
In StockBloody Brain headpiece£9.99
Childrens Harlequin Costume
Out of StockChildren's Harlequin Costume£35.00
Decoration - Lace Window Panel
Out of StockDecoration - Lace Window Panel£12.00
Decorations - Chains
In StockDecorations - Chains£6.95
Evil Queen Cape
In StockEvil Queen Cape£16.00
Eye Mask  Black Lace
In StockEye Mask Black Lace £5.00
Eye Mask - Black Widow
In StockEye Mask - Black Widow£6.00
Eye Mask Bat Face
Out of StockEye Mask Bat Face£6.95
Eye Mask Black Satirico
Out of StockEye Mask Black Satirico £10.00
Ghostly Glamour Wig
Out of StockGhostly Glamour Wig£18.00
Lace Eye Mask
Out of StockLace Eye Mask£5.00
Make-Up   Killer Clown Kit
In StockMake-Up Killer Clown Kit£7.95
Make-Up   Slashed Trachea
In StockMake-Up Slashed Trachea£12.95
Make-Up  Colour Hairspray
In StockMake-Up Colour Hairspray£2.50
Make-Up  Tooth Out
In StockMake-Up Tooth Out£2.50
Make-up Kit Vampire
In StockMake-up Kit Vampire£7.95
Make-Up Kit Zombie
In StockMake-Up Kit Zombie£8.95
Make-Up Kit Zombie Girl
In StockMake-Up Kit Zombie Girl£8.95
Make-Up Vampire Blood
Out of StockMake-Up Vampire Blood£2.50
Make-Up Vampire Fangs
Out of StockMake-Up Vampire Fangs£3.50
Make-up Were Wolf
In StockMake-up Were Wolf£7.95
Make-Up Zipper Face Kit
In StockMake-Up Zipper Face Kit£8.95
Make-Up Zombie Flesh
In StockMake-Up Zombie Flesh£2.50
Nosferatu Fangs
In StockNosferatu Fangs£3.50
Ouija Board
In StockOuija Board£20.00
Vintage Clown
In StockVintage Clown£40.00
Vintage Clown Lady
In StockVintage Clown Lady£39.99
Voodoo Bone Necklace
In StockVoodoo Bone Necklace£7.95
White Zombie Wig
In StockWhite Zombie Wig£12.00
Wig  Witch/Vampire Streaked
Out of StockWig Witch/Vampire Streaked£6.95
Wig -Vampire
Out of StockWig -Vampire£8.99
Wig Vixen
In StockWig Vixen£12.00
Wig Wavy Zombie
Out of StockWig Wavy Zombie£12.95
Witches Broom
In StockWitches Broom£2.99
Zombie Dog Costume
In StockZombie Dog Costume£17.95

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