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Frog Orange Party opened its doors in February 2012 - a reincarnation of the old Partymania store which had been trading on the same site in Oxford for 31 party-packed years. Keeping up with Partymania tradition, Frog Orange Party stocks a vast array of party products. Instore you will find fancy dress to buy and to hire, professional theatre make up, paper tableware, birthday candles, cards and gifts, fireworks, balloons and piñatas. We specialise in helium balloons and fireworks. We hold an all-year-round firework licence and stock some of the biggest and best fireworks available on the market. Some of our more unusual but best-selling items include worldwide flags, bunting, sky lanterns, indoor fireworks, coloured eye accessories (contact lenses), feather boas and party lights.


Beck Lee-Allen (Partner)

Owner and Partner Beck is nowadays most likely to be found in our Jericho store. Beck has embraced the new party aspect to our company and feels at home amongst the chest wigs, feather boas, masks and wigs that we sell. Beck is our firework expert and lets off every firework we sell (great for her neighbours). Beck is also a balloon expert and especially good at helping customers with their events. Beck spends most of her days ordering the stock and dressing the shops. So if you like our products and the way the shops look you have her to thank. Beck has a no nonsense approach to all of her work and all who work with her. She's been known to send sales agents packing and march badly behaved customers out of the door. Not bad for a person of restricted growth.
Favourite time of year: Hallowe’en
Favourite product: fireworks & fangs
Likes: zombie movies, jolly customers and Jack Daniels
Dislikes: aeroplanes, spiders and people being late


Lucy Lee-Allen (Partner)

Owner and partner here at Frog Orange, Lucy is our No.1 balloon expert and professional. Lucy is capable of anything and everything and annoys us all by being the best at everything. She is most likely to be found behind her Mac in our Headington Office. She's a stickler for attention to detail and woe betide anyone who dares to present any sort of slapdash work. Lucy is kind enough to do all the boring paperwork and technical geekwork that her partner frankly can't be bothered with. She's even been known to chase shoplifters into dark alleyways and come off the better. Without Lucy Frog Orange just wouldn't exist.
Favourite time of year: summer
Favourite product: personalised banners
Likes: wine, Eminem and animals
Dislikes: wet-inside-Marigolds, cold callers, wind.

Megan Boyes (Headington Shop & Logistics Manager)

Megan has been with us almost since the beginning. She has seen us grow from a little shop to a bigger shop and now with a big sister shop! Megan has never ever had a sick day, which pretty much makes her Wonderwoman in our eyes. She manages our shop in Headington, she knows where everything is, and keeps a firm grasp on all things cards and balloons. She is our No. 1 delivery girl and loves getting out and about in the van. She is an expert at balloon decor and frankly without her we'd never be where we are today.
Go Megan!
Favourite time of year: Christmas
Favourite product: all the gorgeous greetings cards
Likes: acts of human kindness, wine and Hollywood musicals
Dislikes: acts of human unkindness, baked apples & sultanas and not getting her own way!




Jenny Potter (Jericho Manager & Party Website Coordinator)

Jenny works in our Jericho store and has in fact worked there for 22 years! She started working for PartyMania after leaving school and then joined our team after we bought PartyMania. Jenny is our fancy dress specialist and comes up with great dressing up ideas and solutions. She is a balloon expert and unflappable even when the orders are piling up and time is running out. When it comes to fireworks, Jenny knows her stuff and is particularly fond of a powerful rocket. Jenny is devoted to her job, she regularly works a six-day week and is always cheerful and helpful. Jenny is our own Girl Friday and hugely popular with the Jericho locals.
Favourite time of year: Hallowe’en
Favourite product: ‘tashes and wigs
Likes: squirrels, costume dramas, cooking and baking
Dislikes: polystyrene packaging, earwigs and technology


Lowri Nicholson (Part-time team member and life hacker)

Lowri (pronounced ‘low' as in the opposite of high, ‘ri’) started working with us on 5th November 2016, and was immediately chucked into one of our busiest days of the year. After just a couple of hours, her knowledge of fireworks was far bigger than is polite for a 19 year-old lass from Derby. She has become a valued team member at Frog Orange, is a whizz at balloons, and best of all, she is our very own in-house Heath Robinson; she regularly knocks up useful little gadgets that make life so much easier. Whether it’s Velcroing balloon tools to the wall (she’s threatening to make us all full Velcro suits to stop us constantly losing our essential tools), or making a spindle out of slatwall hooks … if the post-degree world of Urban Design doesn’t cue her cumber once she’s graduated, she’ll certainly be up there with some of the web’s finest life hackers!
Favourite time of year: late Spring/early Summer
Favourite product: Katie Loxton collection and the bath melts!
Likes: sunny days, parties, being outside, and my cat!
Dislikes: spiders (all creepy crawlies really), washing up and being disorganised.


Edith Bannister (Part-time Team Member and Spreader of Happiness)

The multi-talented Edithmeister has been with us, on and off, since she was a blue-haired, excitable sixth-former. Now 22, with a 1st in FilmMaking under her tool-belt, Edith has returned to Oxford (luckily for us) to complete a City & Guilds course in joinery. We are thrilled to have her back at Frog Orange. We are also delighted to discover that she is just as excitable and enthusiastic as ever, and even more talented. Favourite time of year: Bonfire Night
Favourite Product: the socks!!
Likes: camping, knitwear, coffee
Dislikes: mornings, celery, the Frog Orange Party basement ghost





Woody (Allen, Mr) (Head of Security and Greetings, general Mingler)

Woody has been head of security at Frog Orange since 2002. As a young apprentice he regularly weed all over the carpet, and often over customers, in his excitement to say hello. Unperturbed by this shaky start, Woody has gone on to become one of the most famous and loved dogs in Headington. In the last year or so he has taken to working in Jericho on account of the southerly facing aspect, cosy carpet and plenty of room to chase around in. His main duties include meeting and greeting, growling at passing dogs and stealing biscuits off our younger, pushchair-using customers. He absolutely hates balloons and thinks they should be banned.
Favourite time of year: cheese night
Favourite product: bouncy balls
Likes: blue cheese, yellow cheese and smelly cheese
Dislikes: rain


Ginger (In-house Entertainer)

Ginger is our very own mascot. He mostly comes out to play on sunny days and special occasions but can also be spotted doing some light sweeping up of the Jericho customer car park. He loves everyone who loves him and gives away free balloons and cuddles. He's a little bit frightened of small children and dogs that stand too close to him, as this is when accidents can happen. Once fallen over it is very difficult for Ginger to get himself up. If you should ever be lucky enough to spot him do give him a wave and make his day.


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4 The Parade, Windmill Road,
Headington, Oxford OX3 7BL
Tel: 01865 766777
179 Kingston Road, Jericho,
Oxford OX2 6EG
Tel: 01865 311266
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